Whole-House Water Filtration System

In the McDonald Filtration system, all of the water goes through each of seven filters, housed in six filter housings. In brief, here is a listing of the various filters and what they do:

  • Sediment filter (1 micron) to remove sand, dirt, sludge, glass, rust and any large particulates including bacteria and protozoa

  • Ultra-filter to filter out sub-micron particles and most viruses

  • A special type of carbon to remove chlorine, chloramine (the disinfectant used in most water treatment facilities today and very difficult to remove), problematic chemicals, heavy metals, pharmaceutical drugs and volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

  • A duplicate of the previous filter above, so that the water flows through almost 40 inches of catalytic carbon.

  • Combo filter (this is a dual filter, the first part of which removes fluoride and the second part of which removes excess ammonia, created by chloramine, and radioactive alpha particles)

  • An additional filter medium that excels at removing VOCs, including herbicides and pesticides


The resulting water, after having gone through each of the above filters, truly has to be seen (and felt) to be believed.  The color of the water, instead of being beige (try filling your bathtub and take a good look at the color of your water) is now a gorgeous pale aqua.  (See Photo Gallery)  After your first shower, your skin and hair are soft (many skin conditions totally disappear) and you literally feel better; the long-term health benefits can only be guessed at…but we think they’re pretty substantial.

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